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ITFC Sweden is the official Swedish supporters club of Ipswich Town Football Club and was founded on 27th of March 2008. However, the web site of ITFC Sweden has been around since 2002 when it was set up by Erik Stridell and Jonas Strandell.

The purposes of the supporters club are:

  • Make it easier for Swedish Ipswich Town supporters to follow Ipswich Town FC regardless of location in Sweden
  • Arrange activities related to Ipswich Town FC, also on non-match days
  • At least once a season arrange a members trip to England in order to watch Ipswich Town FC live

The supporters club also tries to arrange meetings for televised Ipswich Town matches. Furthermore, ITFC Sweden sponsors the Academy through the sponsorship package "Robson Package".


Contact details:

Niklas Nygårds, chairman:

Erik Stridell, vice chairman:

Roine Schultz, secretary: v.0.1.9
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